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    I had a guy stop by the other day while I was putting some teak back on my boat who seemed to know a little more about Mako's that I do as far as history goes. He looked at the rear storage compartments and told me very quickly that I had a 21A and that the 21B was a year or so behind what I have. Rear storage area on the 21B access from the top rather than from the insides of the splashwell. Also said there was a difference of how far up they placed the console.

    All he said sounds reasonable. Also, it doesn't have the higher console that I have noticed on some pictures on this site.

    What other ways can I confirm this? Is there a manual available for my model?
    Bill Moore[br]Eden, North Carolina[br]\'81 Mako 21 Center Console

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    The 21B came out in 84
    87 21B w/ 225 Merc.


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      See here:
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        that former post is should put that where everyone can see it...perhaps the project page or something
        1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey


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          Thats the first I have seen of that older post, great job, and yes it belongs in an archive of some sort. Being a 21 owner myself I found it very informative,, dave.
          [br]1994 Mako 215 Dual console Optimax 225[br]1978 Mako 19 with 90hp johnson[br]1996 Mako 22[br]1982 Mako 171 Angler 135 Black Max Mercury[br]1987 21b 225 Yamaha[br]1974 23 inboard Gusto gone.[br]1979m21 225johnson \"blue dolphin\" bought off this board and restored [br]with everyone\'s help!!Gone but not Forgotten....[br]1979 20 Mako 115 Suzuki gone[br]1977 19 Mako 115 Johnson gone[br]1976 23 Mako twin 140 Johnsons gone[br]1983 224 with closed transom and bracket[br]And 162 SOB (some other boats)[br]Venice Florida, Traverse city Mi.


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            Heres another (Mako 20):

            Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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              Thanks for doing all that research, Ringleader. The "big picture" as seen on a time line is really interesting, but that's all invisible unless someone exercises the patience and perserverance to put it all together. Thanks again!

              It\'s a Mako.[br]\'82 20B,\'90 E-150[br]Woodbridge, CT


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                Thanks Millions, Ringleader! Great post and settle the issue right to the point. You are so gracious to dig it up. The Deep Vee 21 is definitely my boat.

                I noticed the small drawing actually shows the swivel seats, which mine had when I bought it. It now has a Mahogany leaning post in their place now. (Still have the chairs and the cushion in storage)

                I actually removed the added T-top what I understand was installed when the boat was new and took it back close to the original. That lasted about 2 hot day fishing trips and I sprung for the new t-top.

                The Gold floor has been painted (Too Hot) as well as the transom has been replaced and trim tabs added. Now powered with a Johnson 225, and it is an absolutely great ride.

                Thanks again for the archive link.
                Bill Moore[br]Eden, North Carolina[br]\'81 Mako 21 Center Console