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Mako 210 Walkaround

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  • Mako 210 Walkaround

    I am looking at a 1990 Mako 210 walkaround. Please let me know if you have any insights about this boat. It has a bench type seat rather than 2 separate chairs which seems interesting for a walkaround.


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    I bought an 89 210 in florida for 9K three years ago. It has an 89 175 Yamaha on it which I ran for three years.(Got lucky). Repowering now with a 200 hpdi although I wish they made a 225 hpdi. Great boat. I stripped all the brown on the windows and stripped all teak and applied sikkens. I like the seat setup but I never sit when I drive. It rides better than most 21 foot boats, more like a 23. These hulls are rock solid. Very dry boat. Have it surveyed and have the motor checked. You will save at least as much as you paid because something will need to be fixed.