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Drop Down Back Wash Piece?

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  • Drop Down Back Wash Piece?

    Ilooking for the drop down hinged back wash piece for my 86 22.4 Mako. I'm not sure what the thing is called. It's between the transom and the live well and is on a pair of hinges that allows it to be up or layed down. Could make one out of marine plywood or wonder board, but would rather try to get one that was made for the boat.
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    I think you are talking about a splash board. I'm sure you could make one pretty easily.
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      I just did one on my 78 21ftr. Made mine out of TACE Marine Plywood from the BPS catalog. $79 for a 24x54 inch sheet. Instead of using the hinge I attached an aluminum angle to the side of the upright there. Or whatever you would call it. Put the remnants of my 4 foot angle on the floor to hold the bottom center in place. Going to put another piece of angle across the top as the handle to pull it out quickly in case of emergency.


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        I was planning to build one for my boat over the weekend. The boat has been repainted bright white and I have planned to use 1/2 or 3/4 in white starboard. Does anyone have a good reason why I should not use starboard?
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          I have a slash board if your are interested I'll post pics later today.
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            Yes I am, I'll watch for the pictures.

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              As far as the Starboard - If it has been sitting in the hot sun all day and you have a wave come over the transom and hit it, there could be enough give in the Starboard (bowing) to allow the sides to pull out of the holders?? I would say 1/2 inch for sure, 3/4 I can't say?? Think about this possibility before you build - Hope this helps

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                Another possible material to use, rather than KingStarboard, would be 3/4" white(or off-white) PVC board. It is much lighter than Starboard, yet plenty strong. It can be bought at the same source as Starboard's source. There are different grades to choose from, of both types of plastics. The strengths are the same, just cosmetically better or worse. The grade you choose also determines price. You will only have a choice like this if you are sourcing(or your local Plexi/Plastics shop is sourcing for you)from one of the larger distributors, such as Piedmont Plastics, etc...Advantages of PVC board are: It can be glued with PVC cement, unlike Starboard...It can be screwed & of course, it's lighter weight. Hopes this helps everyone. LoveMyMako[]


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                  Is the splash board you have for sale? Would like to see the pictures if you have time to send them. You could also email if you want.

                  [email protected]

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