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question for ed and some of the gulf coast guys

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  • question for ed and some of the gulf coast guys

    ed, is there some place local to the new orleans area that sells divinycell or coosa type coring materials. i know the shipping will kill me if i order online and just looking for someplace local to pick it up.
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    Seeman Fiberglass sells Core Cell by ATC Chemical (I think). They are over on River Road. Give them a buzz 504-738-6035

    Artie and some others know of someone local who sells Coosa. I don't remember who it is.
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      I can't remeber the name of the place in New Orleans. It's just on the East side of the industrial canal. Give the guys at Coosa composites a call and they'll tell you the name. 1-877-249-1010.
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