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  • different colored floor

    Does anyone have pix of different colored boat floors, or even better striped with white and another color? I am trying to decide between light grey and ice blue. Thanks.
    1975 23\' Tampa,FL

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    I think either of those color's would look fine with your hull color.[]

    Not the color you asked about, but this is Strick's.


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      That is pretty damn close to the color I was talking about. What color is that, and where the hell has Strick been. I was just thinking about it last night.

      Thanks that helps.
      1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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        This ended up a LOT darker than I wanted, but I knew I wouldn't be able to mix two quarts that would match.

        This is the same color scheme as the sailboat i've raced on: Navy hull, white topsides with (moondust?) light gray nonskid.

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          That color on Strick's boat is Awlgrip's Aquamist.

          Mine will be Moon Dust too, mubikS.


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            I know this is a different color than what you are looking at and my picture is very bad but I thought the info. might be useful. I just had my floor gelcoated in a light tan. However I didn't take a picture before I turned the boat upside down in my yard. If you look to the right of the boat in the picture you can see the lid of the front floor compartment leaning against the fence. The white behind it is the bottom of the fuel hatch. You cannot tell it from the picture but the color looks great against the existing gelcoat. It is slightly darker and keeps that Classic Mako look.


            Jay [br]Thomson, GA [br]1974 Mako 20


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              Thanks for the pix I am just trying to decide if I want the floor a different color or not. The hull is pale yellow, the canvas and bottom paint will be navy blue. I was thinking of that ice blue for the floor(The floor will be striped white ala seacraft, only wider nonskid patches). I am trying to put it together in my head, but am having a hard time. I think that it will be ok.
              1975 23\' Tampa,FL