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    Hello. I am back with some questions. By the way, I found a website with what seems to be good prices in case you all don't know about it. It is

    Ok. I saw a boat on here that had a customized transon that was enclosed with a live bait well in it. How do you do something like that?

    Also, my console is very low and the guages are in it, but I wanted to make it higher and re-install a new panel like the blue sea one, but I need some vertical length. I was thinking of using starboard???? Is that something that seems do-able? Also looking to maybe replace the teak, where do you find that??

    Thanks guys.
    Ft. Pierce, Fl[br]1986 21\"Mako[br]1996 175hp Johnson Outboard

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    I moved this to the Discussion forum from the Classifieds.. You'll get more hits here.

    Point us to the boat that you are referring to and we can help us more. But these enclosed transoms are for the most part major surgery. Not impossible for a rookie, but takes careful planning and baby steps for beginners. A working knowlege of demolition is one thing, but the know how to put her back together this equally important. Fiberglass and resin usage techniques are critical here.

    Are you talking about building a starboard verticle component to your console??? One that would take it from being flat topped to more like this...

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      That would be the '77-'78 25' Mako with the original baitwell moved to the transom enclosure I beleive. I remember that boat with pictures, but can't remember or find who posted it. is my gold mine. I have found them to be very helpful and cheap with some of the parts needed for rebuilds.

      Hers a picture of my console built up to accomidate some flush mount electronics. Used Coosa covered with glass. Easy to work with and very strong once glassed.

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        FWIW, here is a console that may work for your project and save you some work in fitting and finishing that has no other holes in it so you can rig it the way your wish with your updates. This may or may not work for your boat, as you do not have the size and model listed in your project.


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          Yes... like that one. thanks
          Ft. Pierce, Fl[br]1986 21\"Mako[br]1996 175hp Johnson Outboard


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            Is this the transom that you are talking about?

            If it is I'll try to answer your questions the best I can. I had the job done by a pro but I did see most of the work done. The livewell is the orignal from the boat after a lot of cutting.
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