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New Arrival__(Not a Mako)

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  • New Arrival__(Not a Mako)

    We took delivery of the new boat yesterday. It is a 40 Luhrs. 3 x 10.4 inch Furuno Navnet displays. Simrad Autopilot. Nautical Designs Fighting Chair. Every ammenity you could want.

    Its not mine......Better yet I will be paid quite well to sit at the helm as the full time captain. We will be in the NorthEast Canyons every weekend thru the end of October then I will be taking it down to Jupiter where it will be for the cold months before I bring it back in the spring.

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    well Im jealous.[)]

    Wanna trade jobs[]
    Bradenton, FL[br]1970 Mako 220[br][br]


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      Now that is a job I could get into.

      Do you need a standby Capt? []
      Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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        Having a captains license and being very well connected in the fishing tackle business has opened alot of doors for me. This is my 3rd year running boats for this owner. They are a very wealthy elderly couple who absolutely love to fish and are very nice people to boot. In 3 years this is the 3rd brand new boat we have had, each one bigger than the previous. I think we have maxed out the size boat I can fit behind their house now. Most of the time we fish short handed so I fish as well. These people love to fish and are happy to catch just about anything. Every trip is fun. It really is a dream job. Its like owning my own big boat but I don't have any of the expenses and I actually go home at the end of the day with a few hundred bucks in my pocket.[88][88][88]


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          Where do you winter in Jupiter?
          1987 231 with 200 Yamaha[br]Stuart, Fl


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            Not sure which marina yet. The owner is going down next week to set everything up.


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              Whew....for a minute there, I though this was going to be another pic of a baby or something. [][][][]

              You're gonna really like that Luhrs! My Dad owns a 1995 320 Convertible and couldn't be happier. It's taken us through some really nasty stuff!

              Catch 'em up!!!! []
              Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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                Our prior boat was a 32 open. The owner liked it so much that after only 5 trips on the 32 we traded up to the 40. They have a new 42 coming out and if I thought I could fit it in the slip we probably would have gotten it but when we measured it was just too tight so we went with the 40. This boat was the showboat at the Atlantic City boat show and we got a hell of a deal at the show.


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                  Mako, ever plan to fish the Hudson, Toms, Veatach, etc. I run from LI, Shinnecock mostly on a friends Downeast and we fish the Canyons regularly. See you out there.
                  Jones Inlet, Long Island


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                    We do go as far North as the Hudson on occasion. I usually prefer to head to canyons South of there though. Most of my time is in the Baltimore, Lindenchol and Wilmington Canyons.