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    I just change my propellers from 23 to 21 pitch. What is the impact of that change in gas consumption?

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    Depends on what your boat and motor were doing before the changes. A lower pitch on a prop will usually give you more "power" (for a better hole shot) but less miles per gallon. You also could run into a motor that is now over reving (over the manfactures WOT) as you didn't say what you WOT was before this change.

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      Above is correct. 23P sounds pretty damn high, usually only see those kind of pitches on bass boats, unless of course you're hanging mucho HP.

      I dropped 2" in pitch on our 261 to get RPMs up a bit, went from stock s/s yam wheels to 17p Stiletto's. Speed remained pretty much the same across the board except top end where I actually gained. My burn ended up dropping a hair across the board as the engines weren't working as hard to turn the wheels.
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        What is the diameter of the 17P Stilettos? Were the stock Yams 13.75Inches?
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          I try the pitch 21 today. I get the boat to 5000 rpms and reach 49 mph. I will know about gas consumption when I fill it tomorow. Is the motor more gas eficient in high or low speds?

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