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    I just recently purchased a mako 17 with a 92 johnson on it. It is an 88hp spl. It is a 2 stroke engine and the previous owner did not know what the correct gas to oil ratio is. I have been running it 50:1. Is this the correct gas to oil ratio or is there a better mixture. thank you for your input.
    panama city, Fl[br]1978 mako 17

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    Jamie, my last 4 motors have been johnson/evinrude and I have pre-mix all my fuel at 50:1 without issue. There are some guys on this site who know alot about outboards, they may know of some reasons to tweak the ratio but I don't know of any. I did buy a 225johnson a while back that the guy was burning Amsoil at 100:1. Amsoil costed 3 times what my brand did so I got away from it.
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      thank you for your input on the gas ratio. I am a new boat owner so have many questions. The previous owner told me that he always ran premium gas in the boat. Is this necessary or am I throwing away money?
      panama city, Fl[br]1978 mako 17


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        Congratulations on the new boat! I run my 150 Evinrude at 50:1. You should be fine.
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          You are correct with the 50:1 gas to oil ratio (1/2 quart to 6 gallons, 1 quart to 12 gallons, etc.). I had an 1983 90 Evinrude on my 17 Mako since new (the engine- boat is a 74'). I had it rebuilt in 2000 after a piece broke off one of the rings during spring comsissioning. I did run the engine all season, but it made funny noises. I never once put premium fuel in the boat. In my opinion, it is a waste of your money.

          Good luck with a wonderful boat. I recently installed a 1991 115 Merc on my boat. The 83' Evinrude had suffered terribly from corrosion of the mounting bracket and lower unit. My father bought the 17 Mako new in 74' when I was 7 yrs old and it is by far my favorite of the 8 different boats that I have owned.
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