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    I just purchased a 78 mako 17 with a 92 johnson 88hp. The boat and motor are in good shape. Last night when I was lifting the motor the trim control switches on the throttle started shocking me. It wasn't a big shock but none the less annoying. If anyone has ever ran into this problem or knows how to fix it please let me know. thank you [email protected]
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    One of the three wires for the switch will have the shield worn away. It usually occurs where the handle attaches to the control box. The best thing to do is replace the switch. You can also cover the bare wire with electrical tape or some of the liquid electrical tape, but that might only be a temporary solution.
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      Does your Key Lock Assembly have a rubber boot on it, salt water has a nasty habit of getting in the Tumblers and shorting stuff out. I had the same exact problem about 10 years ago so I changed to an ignition assembly that had a rubber boot with a slot in it for the key. I never have had that issue again. I see your a new boat owner so keep those questions coming, I am sure everyone here is willing to help out
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