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merc outboards?

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  • merc outboards?

    Can someone please give me the story on mercury outboards. The boat I am looking at has two 1999 mercury saltwater series on it. I just want to be sure they are ok motors. I have heard way to much junk both for and against. Ya'll seem to have great advice. Thank for the input.

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    Just about any (brand) outboard motor is on the same playing field these days. They all have ups and downs and borrow from each other's designs. Mercury makes a great motor. As for the track record of the specific model you are looking at... we might need which horsepower and whether it is EFI, OptiMax, ProMax or otherwise. Other good information would be the number of hours registered on the chronometers (if equipped).

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      They are 1999 twin 200's optimax saltwater series, roughly 300hrs. I'm going to get them checked out for sure. I'm just wondering about merc's holding up. Thanks.


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        I have no personal experience with the Optimaxes but I've had three Merc. outboards and they've all been great. From what I've read, all DFI engines before about 2001 are a crap shoot. Either they're great with not a single problem or they blow up one time after another. I think that they can be hooked up to a diagnostic computer that can read all of the problem codes in the engine. That should let you know its service history. Good luck.
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          I agree that almost all the motors now a days are on the same playing field, but for me, it was a choice of avaliable service. I used to have a Suzuki....TERRIBLE customer service, and that's after searching hi and lo for a Suzuki authorized dealer. Mercury dealers are a dime a dozen and replacement parts are available virtually anywhere. Just one final thought....what manufacturer do you see on the offshore racing boats, bass pro circuit boats, customs inspection boats, river boats for the US Navy SEALS, etc.....they all have Merc's.
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