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Baitwell neededd ASAP, PLZ Help

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  • Baitwell neededd ASAP, PLZ Help

    Hi All,

    I have been looking for an oval above deck baitwell for the last few weeks and I can't find one anywhere. I'd like one that holds between 35 and 50 gallons and is tall enough to double as a lean post. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

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    Kodiak PF42.

    I have the Kodiak PF42-2. That has all the plumbing hidden below the deck. This can cause problem's. The problem is in rigging it, as the fuel tank takes up so much room under the deck. Mine will be mounted behind the fuel tank and be like an island on the deck.


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      This one might do it for you.

      Call over there. His is approximately on the corner of Rome and Cypress in Tampa.

      Hammerhead Marine. Ask for Tommy. He is pretty busy restoring boats, but it might be worth the call, I think it may be what you are looking for.
      1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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        There is a leaning post/livewell from a 26' Scout at Not sure how much he wants for it, but it's a nice piece.
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          You might consider this one:

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            The one that 88mako171 posted is nice, but because it's striped makes me wonder if it's stolen.[?][:u]


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              Here are some pics of a Kodiak 42 gallon on my 20 ftr. It bottom feeds and drains, I used the two seat pedestals and built leaning post with two rod holders as well. If you need any more info or pics let me know

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                I got the Kodiak 37gallon oval tank. It sits up just high enough that I could raise it off the floor about 4 inchs and still build a leaning "station" around it. I don't have it installed on the boat yet or else I'd post pic's of the finished project but below is what I had last. The hoses attaches below the tank in the 4" crawl space above the floor. Then the hoses are run down the through the floor and out the back.

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                  call up sanchez bros. down in ruskin. hammerhead does good work as well.
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                    How big of a boat? Quality T-Tops in Tarpon Springs does a lot of finish work for Dorado and Guase. They installed a baitwell from a Dorado on my 17 that is totally bad-ass. It's about 35 gallons, and they added padding for the seat. No back-rest though. It will hold 60 pinfish all day long without a problem

                    This is the older work they do from their website:


                    They also installed the livewell / leaning post for my 22.

                    Throw a redfish in there and he comes out a lot friskier than when he went in.
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                      Thanks for all of the replies guys,

                      I am interested in the hammerhead design but I can't find a number to give them a call. If anyone has it, please post when you have a chance. I really like the well that Quality put together, it's the old Dorado mold. It is also a bit pricey from what I understand. Still looking, so keep the ideas coming.

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                        1975 23\' Tampa,FL