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1997 Mako 282

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  • 1997 Mako 282

    Looking at a 1997 Mako 282. The boat is in Houston and I am in St. Pete. The boat has been neglected cosmetically. I had it surveyed and have a bunch of pictures but I have no idea how to post them. The engines are 1997 Johnson / Evinrude Ocean Runners and the boat runs great per the surveyer. 90 plus compression in each cylinder. There is corrosion on much of the electrical wiring. It probably should be rewired. The big issue is a 1/8th inch crack on the starboard side of the transom and it is about 10 inches long. This crack is not where the transom issues are with the 1998's - 2001's. It is more like on the top of the transom looking down running north south to the right of the starboard enginbe. I am told by the surveyor that is it gelcoat only. The boat comes with a dual axel trailer that needs some work - no brakes. Guy was asking 29,900 and told me he would take 25,000. What should I offer him if anything? Can I email anyone the pictures for further analysis of the crack?

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    Try going here and attempting to post the pics. Wart has done a great job in the explination:
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      Just my opinion but considering the history of the 28 and the fact that transom cracks scare me. I would err on the side of extreme caution before I plunk down 25 g's
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