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1986 21' vs 1985

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  • 1986 21' vs 1985

    anybody know about any differences in the 1986 and 1986 21B. I've found myself a nice 1986 but can't really see it until i fly down to buy it. I was looking a Ringleaders 21 and love the design. ANy differences or things i should look for when purchasing this one besides the usual rot check and what not?

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    Reread your post. I think it's missing something?


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      1985 and 1986 Mako 21B are identical. They didn't make any changes until 1989. Look for the usual things transom, stringer ends at the transom and floor. Much of the floor in these hulls was dininycell. Some plywood sections, but only the fuel cell hatch and the area aft of the leaning post.

      Look for stress cracks in the transom and tap test (with plastic hammer) the transom for delamination. Tap test the stringets for rot/delamination. You can access the 2 inner stringers from the round bilge access plates and the 2 outter stringers from the aft compartments when the storage trays are removed. However you will only have access to one side of the stringers because there is a piece of plywood glassed from the top of the stringer to the hull side. This is where Mako used to mount batteries and the oil tank.

      In tap testing a sharp contact between the hammer and fiberglass that makes the hammer bounce back is good. A dull thud that absords the impact is bad. Removing a screw from a transducer or trim tab is always a good way to inspect the wood if the owner will allow it.

      You might tap test the washboards around the rod holders and the teak step plate. My port side is rotten from the teak step plate not being sealed well. Another project while the boat is apart.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance