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  • 2004 Mako 201

    I've been running a 78 20" Mako for years in the waters around Pine Island Sound and Sanibel. I've always liked the combination of shallow draft and stability this boat offers. I'm thinking of getting a 04 201 which I know has a slightly different hull design. Does anyone have first hand knoledge on this boat. I'm worried it may draw more etc.


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    I have a 1987 Mako 20 and there is a definite difference in the newer 20 hulls. I loaned my trailer to a friend that just bought a newer Mako 20 in NC (1993 model) and while the boat fits on the trailer, it sit more forward (8 inches). The rake (or angle of entry) of the bow is far smoother (softer) than my boat, which equates to a softer ride. While the boat still sits on the trailer and mine on jackstands, it appears that the draft is pretty near the same. I would use a margin of error of 2" with my statement.

    While I like the newer hull my friend bought, the boat feels smaller on the inside, which is in part due to a much larger console and seats in the transom well areas.

    Just my observations.

    David M
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      I took measurements on the 2004 hull and the transom measures the same as the 78 both at the top and the water line. I don't understand why the 04 draws 12" or 3 inches more than the 78. I guess the overall weight of the boat? In addition to that I am suspect of the overall quality of the boats since Tracker took them over. I may just go ahead and put the money into the 78 both the hull itself as well as repower.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Sanibel Florida


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        The new 20 has a nice look to it. It has a flatter deadrise than the older 20's, so I don't know how well it handles the rough stuff.
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          What is the efect of dearside on rough water?


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            The more deadrise, the deeper the V at the transom. There are multiple factors afecting the ride, such as angle of entry, weight, and size, but in small boats the deadrise will give you an idea of handling in the chop. Deadrises of 0-12 degrees are usually pretty flat at the transom, making for a faster, more fuel efficient ride, but bumpier. In large boats it's a different story.
            Past:[br]1988 Mako 230[br]1987 Mako 20C (best of them all)[br][br]1974 Mako 15[br]Miami, FL[br]


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              So a 25 ft boat with deadrise of 23 is considered stable?

              I'm on the learning proces.