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  • water pump question

    i know most of you have outboards but i am hoping someone with more knowledge than myself can answer me this question. ive got a 97 5.7 mercruiser with an alpha 1 drive. the engine has a seawater pump mounted to the engine powered by the drive belt the pump picks up water from under the boat thru a clam shell. so is there also a pump in the outdrive if not do i need to hook up muffs to the outdrive to run it at my house, i have a bucket to feed the other intake, any help is greatly appreciated
    1975 23cc i/o concord new hampshire

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    You must have a "closed cooling system" If you hook water up to the clamshell and start the engine you should see water come out with the exaust. if so then you are all right. watch the temp gauge.,

    If for some odd reason you were to have a second pump in the outdrive you would have a black hose coming from the transom housing

    up to the thermostat housing. Honestly I thought all alpha drives had the water pump in the outdrive.
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      I would definitly agree with Dave. I have a 1973 23 with a bravo drive and opted to eliminate the drive pick up and put a thru hull pick up in. The engine runs much cooler. The drive pick up steps down to a 5/8" hose thru the transom housing and then goes to a 1 1/4 hose to the pump. Are you sure that you have an alpha drive? I have never seen both
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        yes im sure its an alpha the hoses coming thru the transom are capped but i just wanted to double check with people in the know. thanks fo all your help
        1975 23cc i/o concord new hampshire


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          Someone could have removed the pump impeller in the outdrive that would normally feed and cool the engine from the outdrive water pump. They then installed the engine mounted raw water cooling pump that uses the under hull clamshell pickup. Probably is more efficent that way and cheeper to maintain. Just some other thoughts -

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