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  • Hey Ringleader.................

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your many updates on the 85 Mako. Have there been any updates lately? It's been a year, dude. Is she afloat?

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    [88][88][88][88] I'm waiting for his reply.[88][88]


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      Originally posted by warthog5

      [88][88][88][88] I'm waiting for his reply.[88][88]

      I'm guessing from your reply there is some sort of inside joke attached to this subject? He's not going to be mad that I have brought up the subject, is he?


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        I don't think he'll be 'mad'...

        Its just a question of priorities, and the number of hours in a day. []
        Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]


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          Something about baby poop and a new house..............


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            It hasn't been touched due to other commitments.

            He has vowed to work on it this comming weekend.


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              Yes... I'm going to do something to that boat this weekend. Even if its just washing and waxing whats left of the hullsides!

              Really though, since we started the house in Febuary 2004, I have pretty much stopped on the Mako. Then we had the baby in October and if I'm not painting, staining, unpacking, or bui8lding something in the house, we are doing baby stuff.

              My plan for this weekend is to extend the drain channels in the floor all the way to the transom and through the transom. I am going to make a rectangular fiberglass tube that will go through the transom and hook-up with the drain channels.

              I did drain the fuel tank about 3 wweks ago... Hopefully I'll be taking that out in about 2 or 3 months from now.
              Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance