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Makover Marsh Weekend with Pics

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  • Makover Marsh Weekend with Pics

    Gentlemen: I just spent a weekend in Bayou Biloxi on quite a unique trip. A friend of mine recently purchased a 80ft Hatteras Extended Cockpit Motor Yacht that we used as a base camp. I ran Makover my 1977 25cc over from New Orleans on Thursday evening(took about an hour) The weather was not as friendly as we had first thought due to the impending front that came through Friday and Saturday. Friday we did run about an hour to Isle au Pitre and pulled in a few trout but that was it. Too bad we did not have fish but did have a great experience aboard the Judy Ann. Not a bad way to fish coastal Louisiana. Enjoy.


    Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]

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    Fantastic Mako (nice Hatteras, too). I was thinking just the other day what a cool name Makover would be for a rebuilt Mako.


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      Thanks. I had help designing the name on the website
      Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]


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        Nice boats and very sweet Hatteras - it's only missing the outriggers! [8D]
        1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
        1985 Mako 20c - sold
        Fort Walton Beach, FL


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          Thats the boat... I saw it tied up in Oak Harbor a few weeks back. Your boat looks great. Get a few more pixs to me please.

          You obviously ran right by my neighborhood. Next time you should try to stop by for a beer. I'm real easy to find. You'll be able to see me working on the Mako or the house from the water[]

          I ran out into the lake on Friday afternoon onthe Jet Ski. It was a nice 2 foot tight stacked lake chop. I caught some good air on the ski. Must have been a bit uncomfortable for you guys. But that Mako 25 should eat it up pretty well.
          Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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            Friday we ran all the way to isle au pitre. A little choppy on the way out but nice coming back. The boat performed as expected. AWESOME!
            Rooster[br]1977 25CC[br]New Orleans, La[br][br]