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    Hey yall this is my first post but I've been lurking for a while. I'm hoping to get a boat in the next year or two but am doing the research now. I live in Northern CA now but am moving to Houston next summer. I have to have a Mako, dreamed of getting a Mako all my childhood , collected the old brochures and everything now I'm thinking of getting an older Mako to fix up for my family fishing boat . One thing I've been thinking though is singles or twins..I know yall have heard this a million times but just wondering what yall think. Most of my fishing would be offshore up to 30 or so miles solo and farther with a buddy boat, trailering from Freeport over to Mississippi and fishing LA in between when possible also are there years I should watch out for ..I want a late to mid 70's center console..(the classic Mako boat..). Thank yall in advance for any info or advice

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    Welcome to the site. I don't think there is any Mako of that vintage that had particular problems. Cruising this site you will see the typical problems with old boats, rotten transom, decks, stringers etc.

    If you are planning on running offshore of Texas and LA twins will offer safety. But then twins are roughly twice the expense. New outboards are very realible. A lot of people wrestle with this issue. In the end I think it comes down to a matter of finances. If the boat owner has the money to buy and maintain twins then they will probably have them.

    The old Mako's run fine with a single or twins. We have run our Mako 25 with a single for twenty years (two motors). The latest motor is a 1996 Johnson 200. The boat performs well but is a little under powered. However, we get great mileage and with only 124 gallons (86 standard, 38 factor option) we need it. I am impressed by what some here have done with there 25's. I don't think we will ever equip with twins unless we increase our fuel capacity.

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      All the 70s models I can think of are excellent boats for offshore fishing. The only issue I recognized right off the bat on mine was the low transom, and that was before the 400HP hanging on the back. If you plan on being in some not-so-perfect seas, you may look at a closed in transom.

      Upgrade any mako you get to twin bildge pumps, especially for offshore trips. Another thing to look at in some of these models is moving the batteries to under the console.

      Good luck. []
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