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Trim Tab Size???????

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  • Trim Tab Size???????

    Hey, What size trim tab would you all recomend for the 21' model? I have the Doel-Fin hydrofoil system on the engine, but it just aint cuttin it! Also, if anyone wants to get rid of their trim tabs...drop me a line!
    1979 21\' CC[br]Myrtle Beach,SC[br]<><

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    Bennett M-120's.


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      12 x 12


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        12X12's would be a good choice too, if you have room.

        The 10X12 M120's are a bat wing design and hold the water better.

        They have the same effect as a 12X12 in a smaller footprint.

        That's what Tabman say's.[]


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          Thanks for the info guys! Now I wanted to ask about if I should get hydrolic or I hear there is something called "electric" hydrolic maybe??? I heard that the hydrolic systems wear out more quickly than the electric....any ideas about this???
          1979 21\' CC[br]Myrtle Beach,SC[br]<><


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            Go To


            Thsy make the only electric tabs that I know of and are very good
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              And see I'm the oppisite of alabat.

              and go with Bennett's.

              It's a coin toss. I go with Bennett's because of Tom Magraw and his dedacation to being the number one sales person in the marine industry.

              Lenco may have fixed their stuff now, but about 2yrs ago they were going bad all the time. They are simpler to install. I've heard good things about Lynco's service too, but you never see anyone from Lynco on the forums.

              Tom Magraw is the "TOP DOG"id="size6">id="navy">


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                Make a stop on over at and do a board search using the keywords trim tabs.

                You'll have a solid evenings reading if you go through it all, but after about 15 minutes or so, it'll be obvious to you which tabs are favored by the majority.

                Good luck!
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