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top ten priorities (in order, i think)

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  • top ten priorities (in order, i think)

    for most vessels under 100tons. take out 6 and the list applies to kayaks, canoes, sailboats, and that scourge of the ocean the jetski.

    1. the hull must not be compromised. it has to keep the water out.

    2. have to have a way to float in the water if the boat sinks or you fall out.

    3. you must have a way to remove from water from the inside. yes virginia your feet are wet.

    4. you must have an anchoring system. not being able to put on the brakes is a larger problem than most people realize.

    5. must have a way to communicate to land or other boats including a float plan. this includes whistles, lights, flares, horns.

    6. fuel system has to be in working order. no leaks.

    7. steering system ditto.

    8. must have a working propulsion system.

    9. need a place to keep beer cold.

    10. beer.
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