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    Any progress on your big repairs???
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    Oh, that's nice!!!!! []

    Unfortunately, the wife is making it VERY, VERY clear that we're not getting a bigger center console. She wants to be able to do overnight and weekend trips on the Chesapeake with our two little girls. And if she's not happy, nobody is happy! []

    But after it costed us nearly $7K to repower a single, low tech outboard, she's somewhat afraid of bigger boats with twin outboards. $30K+ for two new motors doesn't sit well with her. []

    So we're looking at our options. I don't particularly want a flybridge boat since I tend to have a bit of trouble keeping my breakfast down in tough seas (which sucks cause I love the convertible styling), but we can't find an express that sleeps four, will fish well, can be trailered and is within our price range. The closest thing we've found so far is that 25' Luhrs Open. I told here if our next boat can't be trailered, I HAVE to have a second small rig.

    So who knows, we're going to take out time in deciding. I'll be the first to admit I rushed into getting my first boat. It was 5 years ago and I had some $$$$ in my pocke for the first time. []

    Trailerable boats we've seen so far, that we really like:

    1993-1996 Luhrs 250 Open

    1992-1993 Grady 25 Sailfish (these years had the traditional bracket)

    1994-1997 Grady 25/27 Sailfish (eurotransom)

    Non trailerable boats we seen and like:

    1989-1992 Grady 28 Marlin

    Boats we're also going to consider:

    29' Phoenix

    28' Bertram

    1972-1973 28' Uniflite Sport Sedan (which I think would look great with blacked out windows)

    I did a little sanding on the patch, but nothing major. I just wanted to know down the rough spots before going to VA two weeks ago in search of flounder. Last weekend was the beginning of our striper season, so I spent it using the boat instead of working on it. []

    I hope to do the fairing soon. That is if I can keep myself from going trolling. []
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD