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63 mph Mako :-D

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  • 63 mph Mako :-D

    I thought y'all might be interested in my experience. I just put a new set of props on my 1977 Mako 25 and took the boat out for a spin.

    I bought the boat around a month ago w/twin 200hp Yamaha's w/13.75x19 props. The engines were over-reving, so after some research I decided to put a set of Quicksilver Mirage 14.75x21 props on the boat and have been very pleased.

    At 3500 rpms the boat goes around 40 mph

    At 4200 rpms the boat does right around 50 mph

    at 5500 rpms she'll kiss 64 mph.

    Now, I have to figure out how to put a 200 gallon gas tank in it. :-D

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    That sounds really fun. I want a ride!!!
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Now that's impressive. How are you calculating the speed, GPS or speedo and is this SOG or STW? Mako claims 370 hp max for the 25' so you are probably spot on with your speed (SOG). The 25 runs approx 52mph with twin 175s.

      I just put a 225hp on my 20 that rated for 200hp hoping for 55mph. I was very tempted for a 250, but held off due to weight concerns.

      David M
      Current Mqko - 1990 Mako 211 w/2006 250 E-TEC. [br]- Previous Makos 1987 20C, 1979 23\' IB, 1970s 17 Angler


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        Went to 15x21 stelletos and running right there with ya [] Definitely a wild ride on the fastest hull Mako ever made IMO. That baby tail walking is a fairly intimidating ride.
        Artie Sutherland[br]Rude Attitude -\'76 Mako 25 CC. - SOLD[br]1976 Mako 21[br]2002 Yellowfin 31 - 300 hp Suzukis[br]Gulf Coast, Mississippi[br]


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          Makes me want to drop a 175 on my 191
          A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. [br]Northport Occupied NY[br]1989 191 w/120 Evinrude


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            HMMMMMM....I gotta 175 on my 191...but kissing 64 in a 25 sounds way more fun[88]
            1977 19B, 1995 175 Johnson. Currently in Central Illinois


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              If those are gps speeds, don't change a thing[8D] That's running great for 21's spinning at 5500 rpms.