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1992Mako 26ft cc w/1999merc 150's, 333hrs

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  • 1992Mako 26ft cc w/1999merc 150's, 333hrs

    I am looking at buying a 1992Mako 26ft cc with twin merc 150's,333hrs on them. The boat is also fully loaded with lots of extras; GPS, radios, triple axle trailer ect. It is in great shape. Priced at about $30,000. I am far from a boat expert and was wondering if someone could give me some input on weather this would be a good purchase. Mainly the engines. Thanks.

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    Hmmm... I'm sure others would have a different opinion, but that price sounds steep to me. Granted it is a 26 foot boat with twins on the back, let's do some simplistic math based on (well)USED parts...

    Basic 26ft hull: $12000

    2 Used merc 150's (333 hrs): $6000

    3 axle trailer: $3000

    full electronics: $3000

    everything assembled: $1500



    That's my take. If the seller would be willing to drop a few thousand, it would make the deal pretty sweet. I don't know what kind of shape the hull is in, but that part makes the boat! I feel I was generous on what I'd estimate the parts at, but that's my opinion. I'd shoot for the $25000 realm myself.

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      Thanks for the input. That is kind of what I was thinking.


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        If that boat doesn't have a bracket I would be looking at no more than 20 K .
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          Yep it will be a 261B if it has full transom and a bracket. Worth much more IMHO.


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            Reelgator, your boats not for sale is it?
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              thanks for the input. i checked it is a 261b.


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                Great, Spend about $300 and get it surveyed.


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                  I'm with cyclops. Except unless brand new, consider the electronics close to worthless.

                  That thing isn't exactly going to set any speed records with only 150s on it either.
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