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1976 Mako 17

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  • 1976 Mako 17

    New to this forum. An excellent site I definitely want to be a part of.

    I just purchased a 1976 17 Mako w/ 1976 85hp Johnson. Very low hrs. Boat was trailered and garage kept. Used 2-5 times a year. Boat is in pristine condition w/ all original cushions, bimin top. Nice ez loader trailer as well.

    I pd 3K. I thought it was a good deal. Your thoughts.
    Greg[br]1976 17 Mako[br]Shark River, NJ

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    I paid about the same for my 78 17' angler with a 78 Merc. It isn't in the same condition as yours. Matter of fact I know I overpaid for the boat. Bottom line was I liked the boat and I was helping a buddy out. Any pics? Also, welcome to the forum ! If you'd like, put your name in your signature line and check off the box that shows in it your posts. Local help could be right next door. God knows if I lived next to Warthog, Gary or about a billion other guys on the forum they'd be getting peppered with constant questions etc....


    Tim[br]1981 19 (project)[br]prior 1978 17 angler (sold)[br]


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      Thanks for the reply. My brother has a 22ft Mako I have been fishing on for years. One reason I got it was that I know Makos so well form years of repair.
      Greg[br]1976 17 Mako[br]Shark River, NJ


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        welcome to the makohead headquarters sounds like a sweet deal- i would love to find a little 17 for trout fishing and running the creeks down here on the eastern shore. i'll come get it for 3500

        see ya
        1991 18 ft parker[br]previous mako 1989 240[br]1989 231[br]1974 20.... whats left of it


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          If you're happy with the quality of the boat, then that's a great price. I paid 1500 for mine with a rebuilt '85 Suzuki 75 on it, but it was in sorry shape.

          Welcome, and post pics![8D][]
          \'72 Mako 17, Suzuki 140 FOR SALE[br]\'74 Mako 19B Project FOR SALE[br]Seabird 21 Project FOR SALE[br]San Juan 28 sailboat [br]Wake, VA[br][IMG]


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            Thanks for the responses.
            Greg[br]1976 17 Mako[br]Shark River, NJ


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              Not bad. Sold our '73 17 which was extremely clean, except for a solid albeit wet transom about three years ago. Had an '87 110 rude that had just been rebuilt, sold it for $4700.
              1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]