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  • Shifter mount

    I have a '79, 20' center console Mako. I relocated the battery and did some wiring in the fall. In doing so, I had to move the center console. I'm now re-mounting the shifter. I would like to remove the cables from the shifter to replace the mounting board. Is it easier to disengage the cables from the engine (Mercury 115 ~'86) or from the shifter itself?

    Thanks for the suggestions!!

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    No it's easier to disconnect from the control head, as you don't have to pull the cables thru the rigging tube.


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      Thanks for the information. It is not clear to me how the cables can be removed from the shifter. The cables have what appears to be a connection (metal cover with a seam, one side has what look like crimp notches, I can not find a way to release at that spot)just before they enter the shifter housing. Do these cables require a special tool to release?


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        there should be a cover on the bottom of the control box. removing the cover exposes the clevis end on the cables usually held on by 'e' clips.
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          grantn has it right.[] The cover comes off.

          Try not to change the rod end settings. Just remove the ends that are on the cables off the stud.


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            That helped a lot. Thanks!