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    Anyone have any experience to share with trim tabs made by or sold under the moniker of "boat leveler", or "insta-trim" ?
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    Probably everybody here runs Bennetts or Lencos. I am a Lenco guy personally.


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      Got this little puppy from them and it's a quality piece. Better than the bennett tab's controllers at a comparible price ($99). But, I have bennet tabs and love them.

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        I have the Insta trim on my 22 Tiara Pursuit. They came with the boat and I am happy with their operation. Off the top of my head I don't remember the size. heres the site link if you need it
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          The boat leveler tabs were made by Teleflex. They no longer make them but you can by replacement parts at
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            Well I went & did it. I got cold feet and decided to not even fool around messing with the 12x8's. I was afraid the 12x8 tabs, which were marginal with the twins ON the transom, would be worse with the twins on the 30" bracket. SO... I ordered a complete set of 14x11 tabs.

            For two reasons, I decided to give the insta-trim tabs a go.

            1- Scuba Steves, in FLA, had a pretty decent price of $334 (including shipping) for the whole she-bang.

            AND 2- If I'd have looked closer a couple days ago, I'd have seen the 12x8 set I removed were insta trims. They appear to be the originals, and were in functionally good working order (other than being a tad smallish for the extra weight of the twins), when I removed both them AND the transom to add the bracket.

            PS... (Are you listening Redfisher?): If anyone is interested in the 12x8's (complete set-up, minus the hoses which I had tossed ages ago because of weathering cracks) let me know... Donate (say $25-$50 sound "ok"?) to the website, and pay the UPS charges and I'll ship them to you.[]
            Working for a livin\' is HIGHLY Over-Rated...[][br]