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  • Setback Bracket on 224

    I have a Stainless Marine 6" setback bracket that I picked up, and am contemplating putting on my 84 224, when I upgrade to the 270hp motor. Does anybody have experience with this setback and a Merc. 3.0 motor?

    Miami, FL[br]1994 Intrepid 23 WA -[br]Mako 224 Rebuild - - Sold[br] - Mercury V6 FAQ

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    Andy, I had an 11" setback jackplate and then a 5.5" setback jackplate. I noticed a nice change in the ride of the boat with both of them. A very slight increase in speed, but mostly I had less bow rise on planing off and a better hole shot.

    The only downside was lots of water would blow back into the boat when I nailed reverse when backing off of the trailer and oil rigs. You might could mount some kind of deflector to the bottom of the part to keep that from happening. That was my plan before I went hog-wild with the sawz-all.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance