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It's not a mako but ....

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  • It's not a mako but ....

    I came across this site a couple of months ago and the information contained within is unbeleivable! Although I don't own a mako you have inspired me to restore (I hope) my boat, I hope you don't mind if I come aboard. I own a 1988 Blackwatch 26 Express which I have done some work to. After reading almost every post I have realized some of my errors. Below are some current pics.

    Enclose transom, add bracket and new ponies

    I raised the windshield so you could actually see "through" it. It's functional but didn't turn out very well and sides need to be raised.

    Repaint entire boat. Although I painted her when i first got her I rolled the paint on with a foam roller. It looks better than it did, it was purple?, it's not a great job.

    Build hardtop. I built one last year out of plywood out of necessity, my canvas got shredded over the winter and I had to fish.

    Redo cabin interior.

    Misc cockpit modifications.

    But 1st step is to get a trailer so I can move her to a place i can work on her.
    26 Blackwatch[br]Larkspur, CA.

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    That looks like one helluva hull. Is Blackwatch still around these days?
    Artie Sutherland[br]Rude Attitude -\'76 Mako 25 CC. - SOLD[br]1976 Mako 21[br]2002 Yellowfin 31 - 300 hp Suzukis[br]Gulf Coast, Mississippi[br]


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      How much do you figure that top weigh's? Look's like a lot of material in there.

      That boat would be a prime canditate for a Pilothouse.[]


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        Thanks Artie,Blackwatch is still around but their now built in Australia. And yes warthog the top does weigh alot, over 200#. Atthe time i need something quick.
        26 Blackwatch[br]Larkspur, CA.


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          The hardtop on my boat weigh's about 75lbs.

          It is 1 1/4in Kledgecell cored. 5ftwide X 6 1/2ftlong. It has a layer of 1808,1700and 6oz on each side.

          It look's like you could use some bigger tab's on that boat.