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1986 Yamaha tilt trim

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  • 1986 Yamaha tilt trim

    Have an issue. I replaced my pump on the tilt trim last year and before the end of the season I started having problems getting the engine to tilt down from the full upright position. I had to use the manual release to get it down. The engine would trim and tilt back up no problem but not go down. When I went to lower the engine, the pump sounded like it had no fluid. Decided to worry about it during the winter

    Soon after that I could not get the engine to tilt up and the pump sounded like it was running dry again. If you bounced the engine up and down using the lower unit to do so, you could hear the pump pick up fluid and trim the motor up super slowly and then stop as it would start to the tilt position. Would trim back down ok and then not go back up again unless you played around with it.

    Now that spring is here and I have pulled the baot out for spring the pump runs - sounds dry and the motor will not trim up at all. I checked the fluid resevoir in the down position and it is full. I heard I needed to check it with the engine in the full upright position???

    Any thoughts and suggestions??

    If not the fluid issue any ideas what it may be ??

    1986 Mako 224 twin 1986 Yamaha 115\'s - repowered with 2005 200 Yamaha HPDI[br]

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    There is a specific procedure for checking the level of the trim and tilt system fluid but I don't have it right here now to quote it verbatum. If you have a motor manual it is under the trim and tilt section. From memory I think you need to have it in the full up poisition (powered up as high as it will go) so that all the fluid is used from the resivior (draining the resavior) to fill up the piston to push up the motor. I don't think you will hurt anything if you raised the motor up all the way and took a look into the fill hole. If the fluid is down put in more in until fluid starts to overflow out the hole. Close up the hole and try to tilt it up and down again. You may need to raise it up and down (under power) to bleed out all the air - so don't give up after only one time. Hope this helps -

    1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]