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Putting boat in storage

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  • Putting boat in storage

    Sad to say my vacation is ending. I will be putting the boat in storage for about 3+ months. My mechanic advised me to leave the gas tank low so that when I come back I can freshen it with hi-test and not have octane issues. I am concerned with condensation. any opinions? Also drianing the gas from the carbs?
    Richard[br]Miami[br]Pearson Flyer 30

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    change mechanics. fill the tank and leave some room for expansion, add some stabil and enjoy your 3 months away


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      Unless you will be able to start/run the motor every 2 weeks, I would go ahead and fog the powerhead too.

      I have always heard a full tank with Stabil mixed in is the way to go.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        I'm with JBS, I would only drain as much gas as possible if you were storing the boat for the winter (7+ months, I'm in New England). If you drain it, you have to worry about condensation. If it were my boat, I'd add 'stabil' to the tank and fill'er up, and fog the engine. 3 months is nothing!!
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          Just got off the phone with my mechanic. Here are the instructions:

          in a 1 gallon jug add 1/2 pint ATF and 2 oz Sta-bil and the rest with regular gas. Run that through motor on fresh water hose (15 minutes). Afterwards, crack off the main jets to allow gas to drain from carbs.

          Drain the tank all the way down. empty is best. Condensation not an issue in Florida. We don't see much morning dew he says and it makes sense.

          When I get back he says it will smoke alot but will be cleaner than when I left it.
          Richard[br]Miami[br]Pearson Flyer 30


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            I'm with your mechanic. Even if condensation is an issue, racor's will catch whatever does accumulate.

            The big issue is the gas...gas today is not the gas of old, and even stabilized....I dont trust it.
            1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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              who can guess what the price will be 3 months from now. He's right about fogging the engine but, over a 3 month period Florida or not condensation can be an issue not to mention the dangers of a partially filled tank.