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Repowering Mako 171

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  • Repowering Mako 171

    Hi folks.

    I need to repower my 1987 Mako 171 CC. I have shopped around and done some research, and am leaning toward the Johnson 90hp 4 stroke. I like the fact that its essentially a Suzuki yet better priced. My one concern (other than the cost, gulp) is the weight of the new motor. The water line with my existing motor on the boat is 1.5 to 2 inches below the deck drains located on the transom. The new motor weighs about 420 lbs and is about 130 lbs heavier than the old 2 stroke. Is this going to be too heavy? I've seen pictures of 171's posted on the internet with all sorts of motors, but a dealer told me that to be safe, the drains need to be a minimum of 2 inches off the water line before installation.

    I would welcome any of your thoughts on this and, at the risk of opening Pandoras Box, any thoughts/experiences on the 2 vs 4 stroke options for this vessel. I wouldn’t mind getting into a 115hp. My main reason for staying with Johnson/Evinrude is I am hoping to keep the cables since they were replaced only two years ago, and perhaps the control box.
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    Well, I dont know if yours is the newer design in the 17s...after they reaised the gunnels abit and put a larger fuel tank in it...but I definately couldnt have got away wit it on our '73 17, just too heavy.

    As far as 2/4 stroke...dont get me going, but you can keep the 4 bangers. Take a look at the new rude e-tecs...they get better milage, much lighter, better hole shot etc. And go for the 115 (or bigger) while your at it...90 just isnt enough.
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      Hey Makorider-

      Where in Basking Ridge do you live???

      I used to live at 233 South Finley Avenue (big white house across the street from police station....about 4-5 houses down from the high school.

      Besides the fact that it is not near the ocean, I loved living in that area. I have heard that since I moved away in 1992....that development has gone through the roof.



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        I'm down the road a bit, on King George across the street from the church, about a mile off of 78, by the light at valley.

        Yeah, this town has boomed, probably a lot different since you left. Then again, so are prices! Its ridiculous. I was getting depressed, real estate agents showing me $425K project houses with orange countertops, what was the bottom of the barrel around here. We're coming on two years now, still kick myself for not getting in earlier, but couldnt as I was putting my wife through grad school at Columbia, we got in a bit late. I CANT for the life of me imagine, if thats the house I'm thinking of (pine trees out front and long curved driveway??) imagine what that would go for now. Waaaay outa my league at the moment.

        Yeah, sucks to be so far from the beach, but actually, with no traffic if I put the hammer down I can be to my parent's beach house in Mantoloking in just over an hour. Would live down there (should considering the real estate price differential) but I just cant do that commute at this point and time.

        Where you at now?? Gotta change that signature!
        1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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          I hope this isn't misplaced. I want to put a 90HP evinrude e-tec on a new 1701 Bayshark (Mako). Th dealer says I can't get it in that package. What are my options. BTW -- I used to live in Basking Ridge on Mt Airy Rd. Now I'm in Sea Girt NJ.


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            Yeah....that's the house. I lived there with my parents for about 5 years when i was in high school/college. Then my dad got a new job and teh clan moved over to Westchester.

            I now live in Boston.....been here since I graduated college.

            How does the old house look these days?? I loved living in Basking Ridge....always had a good group of friends.