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who here drives a jeep, wrangler?

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  • who here drives a jeep, wrangler?

    Im looking into getting a newer wrangler tj. I just thought I would ask some owners here what they thought of their jeeps. likes/dislikes etc.. any help would be appreciated. thanks mark.
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    The wife came with a 1998 Wrangler. We keep it in the garage. Only have 26K miles on it. A summertime weekend toy for her. We thought about selling it, but I don't want to sell her toy because then she'll be bugging me about my boat and how its not fair.

    A few dislikes. The usual Chrysler stuff. Squeeky steering wheel, cheap interior trim, and the dash board just turns itself off mysteriously sometimes (goes dark and dead). Dealer can't find the glitch... We may actually have about 27K miles on her...[][]

    The wife loves it, so as long as she is happy... I'm happy.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      thanks, i havent heard about a short before in jeeps? i hope this is isolated case.. if not, ill use a flashlight[] I have a truck now, and always drive with the windows down, so I figured I will go all the way with the top down in jeep.
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        I have had 6 Jeeps, now drive a Durango. My Jeeps ranged from a : CJ7, Wrangler, 2 Cherokees and 2 Grand Cherokees. Loved 'em all all!

        The only thing I might say about the TJ is that the 4 banger is a little underpowered compared to the others. But, if you aren't pulling with it, just crusing and around town , the gas mileage is nice. Especially these days.

        Why'd I switch to the Durango? I like the V8, it drives like a dream and has 7 seat capacity. and it tows the Mako 23 when necessary, geared a little different that the Jeep.

        A guy up here took a Wrangler and converted it to a Turbo Deisel - NICE. It's performance is acceptable and it will pull a house!

        I think a Grand Cherokee with a TD would be outstanding, but, I hear it's not an easy conversion, with the computers and emission control crap! Sorry, I am not a tree hugger...
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          My wife has a Jeep wrangler. It is ok just like the someone else said typical chrysler stuff. But when we are cruising the beach with the top down it is pretty cool. I agree the 4 banger is underpowered however with the 4:10 gear it drives ok as long as it is a stick I have a hard time seeing the value of the 4.0 liter motor since it is nearly impossible to safely tow anything with a wrangler. Also heard that they are coming out with a diesel for the wrangler and liberty in the near future 3.1 liter I think.
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            I have a 2002 Wrangler. My wife drives it every day and we really like it. It may have 40K miles on it now. It is kind of clunky and doesn't ride like her old SLK, but it sure is a lot more fun - especially with the top down. Going from a hot sports car to a Jeep was kind of strange, but She can park it anywhere and get in and out of places that she used to have to skip.

            Ours is a very basic 4 Cylinder 5 speed with half doors and a soft top. It does have AC, which around here is a requirement, but that's the only extra feature. The new style top is fairly easy to take down and put up and it is a lot quieter than previous years. I think in 02 is when they re-designed it. The half doors with the zip windows are kind of a pain to deal with at banks, drive ups and such. Full doors would help, but take away from the open feel with the top down. So it is a trade off.

            The space behind the back seat is too small, but is enough for bringing stuff home from the store most of the time. The new Unlimited is much longer, but far too fancy for me. However, there is a lot more space in it. It only comes with the gas guzzling 6 cylinder but probably needs it. The Wrangler would be cool with a small Diesel in it.

            One nice thing about it is that it tows behind the truck real well. We tow it to Destin or tow it home if she gets there first. The big Diesel truck is not very easy to maneuver around in the traffic and parking lots down there. The Jeep with the top down is a great around town beach going vehicle.

            We have had no problems with it, it drives better than expected, the transmission shifts easily, it will literally go anywhere, it is very "cool" with the top down, and more useful than I expected.

            When I got it I expected it to end up being a toy and we'd soon be back to getting her another automobile, but I don't think she'd trade back to a car.

            I also use it here around the lake to put the boats, jet skis, etc., in the water on my ramp. It is nice and small and very maneuverable.

            So, I get lots of use out of mine. Interestingly, it also holds its value far better than any other car I've ever had; lost my shirt on that SLK when we sold it. But the Jeep is still holding up well and people are all the time wanting to buy it.
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              Had a '90 Wrangler YJ, last of the carbed straight 6's.

              Loved that car. Had the offroad suspension package in it, dont know if I could hanle that now day in and out now that I'm in my mid 30's! She rode hard, but damn was it fun. Unlike most, I got it offroad quite a bit, be it in the mud or hundreds and hundreds of miles of beach driving in Hatteras. Got stuck once in VT in the mud, the only time, and that was only 'cause I made a bad decision, probably due to a few too many beers. Other than that, my YJ was unstoppable.

              Finally sold her with 185K miles...still running strong though my rearend was starting to scream, I think it was about done. Went to a Yukon basically because I needed more room, but I see the new wranglers have an extended option...almost similar to the old scramblers. THAT would be the jeep to have, there just isnt much room in the standard jeep.

              But in the end, nothing beats the ability to put the top down, throw the doors in the garage, and head down to the beach for the weekend. I'll admit I havnt been in the newer style jeeps with the all-coil suspension, so I cant comment on those.
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                I forgot that some models came with the 4 cyl. Ours is the Sport edition with the 6 cyl. The only thing it doesn't have is Cruise Control. The top never goes on the thing. I did get reamed about a year ago for the thick layer of fiberglass dust that I accidentally deposited while it was so innocently sitting in the garage.[:u]
                Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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                  thanks for the replies guys.
                  Tampa/St.Augustine FL[br]retired: T.A. Mahoney Co.[br]Full time student Flagler College[br]


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                    I,ve got a 1998 Wrangler and love it. Its not my primary vehicle, however, its the one I prefer to drive (main vehicle is 2005 GMC truck). Just a few more weeks before we go topless for the summer!! Just a suggestion, try to find the full metal doors. Just a convience issue for me, I have a hard top. Also, if given a choice go for the 6cyl. It will eat more gas but the power is nice to have if you want to tow anything. When I tow my 17 Mako I usually use the Jeep. A lot of fun for the buck.
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                      I have a 99 Wrangler Sport, 6 cyl., soft top, full doors. This is my weekend vehicle because I have a company truck during the week. I wouldn't have anything else. Lots of fun, especially with the top down. Rides 10x better than my old CJ. But you have to remember it is still a jeep. Short wheel base, stiff suspension, lots of noise. But even with all that we love ours. My wife and kids drive it regularly and leave the minivan at home.

                      Just be careful if you ever tow anything. Becuase of the short wheel base, towing capacity is very limited. Don't take chances with towing behind this vehicle.

                      As far as the short in the dash. That is a fairly common problem with the late 90 models. Only way to fix it is to replace the whole panel. I think they fixed the problem after 97 & 98.

                      Jay [br]Thomson, GA [br]1974 Mako 20


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                        I have a '96 Sebring, I assume its the same problem. I lost my tach and odometer as many others have. Turned out to be a bad solder point in the circuit board in the back of the dash. Pull the instrument cluster out, take it apart, get to the back of the board, you WILL see discoloration around the bad solder points. I used a higher temp solder and plenty of heat, been good for about 40,000 miles so far.
                        1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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                          Mark, what do you plan on using the jeep for? Off-roading or just grocery getting? I've had a CJ5, CJ7, YJ, and TJ, they all have their benefits. But, for things they have in common, ride and handle like crap and fun as hell with the doors off, top off, and windshield down.
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                            I go to school full time right now. I am boatless. if I do tow a boat, it will be a 16/17ft. carolina skiff about 25miles one way. I still need 4wd for my hunting camp. right now I drive a s10 zr2, which i love, but I have always wanted a jeep. I will go offroading often for fun and hunting. I really dont plan on towing anything until i get out of college so I can afford to buy a full size truck and another boat. I plan on driving around with the windows off and most of the top off. I do live in tampa fl, so it can get hot down here. but I figure if im moving it wont be bad. plus almost all I have looked at had AC. so it will be an every day vehicle to and from work/school. and once a month maybe a 4hour trip to visit family.
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                              138,000 miles on her, and she is still going strong.

                              1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic, heavilly modified.

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