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another fiberglass question

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  • another fiberglass question

    this is a continuous question --i finally got my hard top off and the core looked like garden mulch when i seperated it -i am now left with the top skin which has a lip -- the old core was no more than 1/4 inch mystery wood.. do i half to replace the core or can i simply layer up cloth and resin to aquire the old thickness. will it be rigid enough with say 2 layers of roven woven and then a layer of regular cloth to get a finish layer ..or is it gonna sag in the middle it is 75 by 75 inches
    1991 18 ft parker[br]previous mako 1989 240[br]1989 231[br]1974 20.... whats left of it

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    If you do that, you will need a crane to pick it up and put it back on the boat. Can you say HEAVY!

    Recore it with Divenacell.


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      Hi Warf, you need to strip it down to the old glass and grind the glagg to rough it up. The best thing to use is kledge cell or divinacell. After you fit it in to place you can use 1 layer of 1808 and finish it.