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Newbie with a repower question for a 241 w/twins

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  • Newbie with a repower question for a 241 w/twins

    I have been lurking around this site for a few months now. It's great to find such a great resource of committed mako enthusiasts.

    My partner and I are considering repowering a 1990 241 notched transom. Present power is twin 1989 150 mariners that weigh about 395 pounds each. Performance with the 150's was adequate crusing about 25 kts at 4200. The boat sits ok in the water with the present power, however I have concerns about adding too much more weight with the repower. My marina has approached me on a very good price for a pair of leftover 2003 150 optimax. All my research indicates that the direct injection and 4 stroke engines are between 420 and 500 pounds each. I have a concern that I just can't commit to a new twin installation due to weight and am even considering going to a single E-tech 250. Any input would be greatly appreciated also any opinions on the optimax as I am leaning in the twin opti direction which would put me in at about 860 pounds of iron compared to my present 800 pounds. Batteries are already under the console. thanks
    Mike[br]Manasquan Inlet NJ[br]1990 Mako 241

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    Mike[br]Manasquan Inlet NJ[br]1990 Mako 241


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      From a fuel consumption point alone (not to mention the smell of partially burned fuel, with a tailing wind), I'd go with 4-strokes. The Suzuki DF-140 4-stroke weighs 410 lb.

      That should not create an issue for your 241, which already has nearly that amount of weight with the 2-strokes. I went from a single John-Rude 235 (396lbs) to a pair of the Suzi DF140's on my 224 (notched transom) last spring, with no major hiccups, except that it placed the rear floor just below static water line, so the scuppers would occasionally seep about 1/4" of water onto the rearmost portion of the rear floor.

      I'm in process of removing the scupers, and adding a 30" (armstrong) bracket, and enclosing the transom as we speak. (see thread "transom materials"...)
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        Why not spring for a single honda 300hp 4-stroke, or a similar single of that size?

        Call me old fashioned, but I wouldnt want the scuppers taking in 1/4" of water with regularity.
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          Twin 150s was pretty much the standard power package on the 241 in the early 90s. It's rated for up to 400hp, so some folks did put twin 200's on the transom -- those boats really moved! [] I wouldn't worry about weight unless you were putting twin 225 4-strokes.

          If you're happy with the performace of twin 150's; stay with that. I can't tell you about OptiMax's reliability -- they had some problems with those engines, but understand they're pretty much fixed, like the Ficht's. I would verify that teh OptiMax's have the fixes applied, and the dealer is a solid guy who stands behind the product he's selling.

          I put a 4-stroke on my 23' Mako (a 224) and love it. For you to change over to twin 4-strokes from what you have now would be expensive: new gauges, control cables, wiring harness, .... I suspect part of the attraction of the Opti's is that you wouldn't have to change much out?

          Good luck -- I've always liked the 241.

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            Bomb DI 175s are 419 LB each. My motors of choice for twins.

            Bomb 250 ETEC is 530 LBs. Cleaner, lighter, more power than any 250 4 stroke. Single motor of choice. Given a choice, money no obstacle I would leave the Mercs and 4 strakes alone........just my 2 cent.

            Suki and johnson are the best 4 strokers...again just MO.


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              Thanks guys, I would like to see the weight of the 150 e-tech - has anyone seen a weight spec yet? If we go opti, everything is getting changed with the exception of the props and steering system. It's time, the stuff is 14 years old.

              We are strongly considering a pair of "bomuki" 140s, however I have concerns that power rating is overstated. Pair of them would add 50 pounds, which could be offset if we kept the stern in-deck livewell empty (we hardly use and it seems to be full of rain/rinse water all the time)

              We may try for one more season with the old iron - after we sink about 1 k into them. That would buy us some time as the new zuki 150 and e-tech 150 should be out this summer.
              Mike[br]Manasquan Inlet NJ[br]1990 Mako 241