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Question re: location of fuel/water separator

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  • Question re: location of fuel/water separator

    can someone please provide some guidance...same boat as Ringleader...1985 21B. I am repowing the boat and the dealer installed the fuel/water separator inside the stern, port hatch (below the pull out tray). This area WAS where one of my batteries was longer...we moved it under the center console.

    My questions are:

    isn't it a bit tough to see into that hatch to determine if you have water in the separator?

    is there any issue with a fuel leak in to the bilge area?

    Thanks for your input...
    1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey

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    Some people like to have the fuel water seperator mounted in the bilge because it cleans up the cockpit and also protects the seperator from corrosion. However, there is also some downsides to mounting the seperator in the bilge......1) it is tough to see it in their and because it is out of site, it is out of mind...2) if the seperator were to leak...fuel would leak into your bilge instead of overboard through the scuppers.

    My 1991 Mako 231 had the original GROCO bronze seperator mounted in the transom well on the port side. I replaced it last season with a stainless racor unit from surplus unlimited and mounted it back in the same spot. I like to be able to check it regularly and keep an eye on the hoses/fittings.



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      My gas spin-on Raycor is mounted near the motor on the upper side of the splash well('73 22 CC). I can see at a glance if I have water in the bottom and can take action immediately if there is. My 2 main concerns when I installed it were: being outside the bilge there is no worry of anything going wrong and filling up the bilge with gas AND making it real easy to change a filter while you at sea - should the need arise. Hope this helps -

      1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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        I'm with Mike. I mounted mine where I can see the water level without any trouble. Hard to see with the shadow but you get the idea

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          I looked it over...the only perspective I have is the top of the unit...this doesn't work for me & I will need to talk it over with the installers. Why have a clear bowl if you can't see it?

          I'll report back...
          1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey


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            I have looked through old posts, but can't find the answer. If i take the filter off the Separator will the gas start flowing out?


            Saint Augustine, FL[br]1973 Mako 20 - Sea Sharp[br]1984 Susuki DT140[br]


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              I put mine in the bilge so its out of the cockpit and in a protected area. BUT, I do drain mine religiously before each and every trip. And I change the racors at least once per season so they're always fresh.
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                I have looked through old posts, but can't find the answer. If i take the filter off the Separator will the gas start flowing out?

                Notice the ballvalves installed on mine just for that reason.

                They need to be where you can see them and need to be high enough to service. IE put a cup under them to catch the draining's.

                I've seen plenty of install's that don't fall under either of those criteria.

                With that said, I like them hidden away. Somther, cleaner look and less chance for fishing line or net's to get snaged on them.