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Which anchor windlass???

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  • Which anchor windlass???

    Anyone have any suugestions or opinions about which anchor windlass is a good choice for my rig --240 cuddy -- i already am set up for a windlass with a pulpit.
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    Lotsof good stuff out there so just search around. One suggestion I have for you that I think is imperative is for you to select a "free drop" windlass. Some windlesses (spelling?) are "power down" which use the motor to drop the anchor down. That sucks, because when wreck anchoring it screws up your reaction drop back time, wastes power, and is more then liable to tangle up.

    Freedrop windlass releases a clutch which lets the anhor fall under it's own weight.

    Personally I like to use a Capstan, which just retrieves the anchor line for me and I pull it into the boat and lay it up the way I want it. I prefer this because I do lots of bottom fishing, sometimes leave a lot of line out and need the flexibility a capstan offers.
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      I totally agree on the freefall. It's a must have.,Windlass