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    Hey guys, I am looking at a 1995 Mako 282 Deluxe and found some questions I hope yawl can help with. First, the transom recall, is it just from 98 - 01, are the older boats solid? I can't find a "Deluxe" on the Mako web site, whats the differance between the standard 282 & the "Deluxe". This would be my first Mako if I get her, have always heard they are tanks, solid built. Any input is welcome.

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    Can't help you with the structual aspects of the '95 Mako 282, but the other question, "What's a Deluxe?" is an easy answer -- dealer marketing.

    Mako boats came from the factory as pretty standard -- no T-Top, no outriggers, no head in the console, .... and the smaller ones came with swivel seats (not a leaning post w/ rocket launcher). When those items were added, either at the factory or at the dealer they would call it "Deluxe" or some other adjective to note optional equipment. One dealer here in Florida, Tuppens, called theirs "Tournament Editions".

    Hope it works out...

    Prop Blast[br]Mako 224, F225[br]Tampa, FL


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      Thanks Tom, one big dif. I noticed is, the owner says the 282 has a 235 gal. gas tank, but according to the Mako stats page, that model came with a 185 gal. tank. Owner says he did not replace orig. tank. Guess I'll just have to crawl in there and see if the cap. is marked on the tank.


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        My 2e had an aditional tank of 50 gals. I guess that was an option from the manufacturer. Anyway, one way to figure it out is run till you are dry and re fuel it. Lets see.... 235 x $2.10 = Wow!!!