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    does anyone have any advice about the possiblity of buffing out regular awlgrip paint. i made the mistake of letting a friend of a friend paint my 1975 19B with awlgrip. after he finally finished, there was a lot of dirt in the finish, he said he would wet sand and buff it out. i have since talked to numerous other painters that have said you cannot sand and buff awlgrip that it dull up in a short period of time. to make it even worse i also found out that he did not prime it first.

    any help would be greatly appreciated


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    You can definitely wetsand and buff awlgrip. I have done it at the shop many times. It gives the paint a more mirrorlike (gets rid of any orange peel) finish but it does kick down the shine a bit. I actually prefer it...because it makes it look more like gelcoat than .....super shiny paint.

    My only concern is that who knows how much paint your friend sprayed on the boat???/If he did multiple coats (3-5)'ll have some paint to work with .....but if he did only a coat or might burn through.

    Tough call....



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      The best solution would probably be to sand just enough to get the dirt out and put on one more topcoat. Go to the Awlgrip/US paints website. There is more info there than you will know what to do with.
      1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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        Thanks for the advice. It seems that I have multiple problems. First of all and worst of all I found out that in preparation he had ground down past the gelcoat and into the glass mat in some spots, then he sprayed the awlgrip without any primer in these spots or anywhere else. The paint has tested for poor adhesion. Second I found out that he used less than 2 quarts for the whole boat, in spots you can see the old paint still. When I contacted the local awlgrip distributor, he said that he does not recommend awlgrip on small fishing/pleasure boats due to possible chips or repairs. Seems that awlgrip does not repair very well. He recommended awlcraft 2000, an acrylic urethane which is along the lines of imron. It will last a lot longer and is repairable and buffable more so than awlgrip. Looks like a lot of money down the drain since I will now have to sand it all off and start over. Anything on awlcraft 2000 would be helpful.


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          I don't think that the paint was the problem. In fact, most people like that regular awlgrip is harder. The problem was the guy who put it on for you! Sounds like a **** job, and that is being generous!

          That is a huge pain in the ass to have to take all that paint off. do it yourself and you should have no problems.

          I have been very happy with mine.
          1975 23\' Tampa,FL


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            Thanks for the info and help. I met with a painter from American Custom Yachts, home of ShipShapeTV, and he and I are going work on it together. I'll post the results and let you know.


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              Sounds good. How much did you get screwed out of with the other guy?


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                Total was $1,800.00 including materials. He did do a lot of glass repair that will now be uncovered. At least if that was done right I won't feel too bad. This new painter has agreed to $2,200.00 plus materials if he and his crew do all the work, we still have to finalize prices if I do some of the work myself. FYI the average price I got after this problem was $5,000.00 to do it right.


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                  Hey sunnybeachesflorida - did you ever get your new email address set up ?? Still need to send you some pics of those brown rubrail end caps that you said you would look for at Marine Liquidators for me.

                  Mike Aiken Milford, CT
                  1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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                    I still have the same one. [email protected]

                    I dont know how soon I'll switch it. But go ahead and send them. I just finished the new paint job and will need to go there soon.