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What does my 73 22b weigh?

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  • What does my 73 22b weigh?

    I'm trying to figure out what my boat weighs. It's a 1973 22b with a 1988 Yamaha 200hp engine. Plus I have a tandem axle ez-load trailer. I need to see how much I'm pulling behind my truck. Any ideas?


    Shaun T Jeffries[br]1988 Mako 17 Standard Pompano Beach, Florida[br]

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    I have a 74 22b which weighs about 1900lbs dry and my continental aluminum trailer weighs 800lbs 200 yamaha should weigh in at around 650lbs plus best guesstimate for gear and accessories. Don't forget 7-8 lbs per gallon for fuel and water.
    Steve Glasgow[br]Lake Worth Fl.[br]74 22B


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      look in the yellow pages an find a local metal scraper they will have a scale you drive on an it will tell you how much your boat trailer an gear is
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        Tow your boat to the truck stop. Should cost about $5 to use their scale. Make a list of how much fuel is in the tank, how many batts, and what kind of gear you have in the boat. You can figure about how much weight is non-hull/motor related from that. Go drop the boat in the water sometime and take the trailer to the truckstop and get a weight on that. A little non-complicated math and you'll have the boats real weight.
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          Do you have brakes on your trailer?

          As an initial guestimate, I would round numbers up to be conservative:

          Boat: 2,000#

          Trailer: 1,000#

          Motor: 700#

          Fuel (55gal tank): 500#

          Stuff: 200#

          Total (somewhere between) :4,000# and 5,000#

          After you weigh your boat/trailer combination make sure to check how much of the weight is transferred to the tongue. You don't want your tongue too light or too heavy - I like my trailer to ride level with about 10% of the load on the tongue.

          Try to keep your load less than about 85% of your vehicle's rated tow capacity.
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            My 1973 22 CC w/ 2 stroke 225 Yammy, 2 big batteries, tandum axle EZ loader trailer - extra fishing gear and a full tank of gas (50 gal) weighted in at 4650 pounds on a scale. Hope this helps -

            1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]