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    does anyone have any helpful info on what to look for when buying an older mako? going to be checking aout a 220 cuddy cabin (89) soon and would appreciate any feedback on what to look out for...i think it has twin yamaha 90's on the back...


    Northridge, Ca[br]89 mako 220[br]

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    As with any older boat, look for wet/weak transom and soft spots in the deck.

    As to those Yams...if they're the same year, better check out whether or not the shift rods have been replaced. Yam, in their eternal wisdom, put carbon steel shift rods in there and they rot out. We replaced ours about four years ago on our 1990 200s...originally 3/8", they were down to less than 1/8" in places. Yam, at least then, was eons behind OMC & Merc in regards to corrosion protection, getting at them means pulling the powerheads, and that is a MAJOR, I mean MAJOR project to get them off. Be forewarned!
    1990 261 T/2001 200 HPDIs[br]Basking Ridge/Mantoloking NJ[br]


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      thanks for the heads up you think i may be underpowered with twin 90's?
      Northridge, Ca[br]89 mako 220[br]