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  • Anchor windlass source

    Anyone know of a good place to order a windlass from. i am thinking of the powerwinch 26' free fall. or does anyone have any other recomendations i am trying to stay in the 400 buck range
    1991 18 ft parker[br]previous mako 1989 240[br]1989 231[br]1974 20.... whats left of it

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    Everthing that I've ever heard about a Powerwinch windlass was a VERY poor unit.

    On the other hand, everything I've ever heard about a Good Windlass was super. Of corse it doesn't cost $400.

    I'd rather spend double once, unstead of spending $400 for a POS and then buy the good one.


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      ill second the windlass by GOOD. i had one on my 26'shamrock and it was sweet. the only down fall is the instalation, i had to drill about 18 holes to mount the pulpit, the launching bracket, and the actual windlass.

      it is worth every penny if you do alot of boating shorthanded(with the wife, kids, ect.)

      dan davis [br] va beach, va