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  • Spark Plug Wires

    Is there any place that you guys know of that I can get OEM or after market plug wires at a decent price. Want to change the wires on a '93 Merc 225 3.0 carb/6 cyl and the local dealer wants $65.00 for the set. Sounds steep to me or is it?
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    Probably be better off paying the money and buying the ones that were made for the engine. In the last 15 or so years marine plug wires have become very different from the old copper type wires that were on the cars when you were a kid. They now help with "electrical noise" by stopping electrical interference that is generated and radiated by the motors electrical system. This noise can make you VHF impossible to hear anything on the speaker, screw up the signals your GPS uses and interfear with many other types of electronic equipment you have on the boat. I would not use anything but the exact replacement parts. Hope this helps -

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