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Under-deck fuel line and shutoff valve replacement

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  • Under-deck fuel line and shutoff valve replacement

    I need to replace the two under-deck fuel lines from the tank to the filters as well as the two fuel shutoff valves on my '85 254. Can this be done through the inspection hatch in the deck, or must the entire deck panel for the aft fuel tank be removed? The reason I ask is the fuel lines seem to be pretty tightly encapsulated in the foam. Can anyone shed some light on my situation? Thanks, Randy
    Baltimore, MD

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    I'm not sure on the 254, but on the 224 you can replace it from the inspection plate. I'm in the process of changing all my fuel lines out and it is becoming a chore. If your not sure just lift your inspection plate and see if you can get to it. Don
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      On some models, there is an aluminum tube with a 90 degree bend at the inner corner at the liner/deck with gas hose clamped to it. You may be able to pull it through the access plate below the inlet/vent area. To snake the replacement you may need to remove the deck hatch.

      If the easy way is out, the job may require some foam excavation around the aluminum elbow.

      I now see that you are asking about the fuel line: They should be accessed at the inspection port but you said they were in foam so off with the hatch. on mine there is pvc conduit emerging aft and I saw no foam on top of the tank (through the pie eye) so it looks like they can be pulled through.
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        Fatboy 254

        I've replaced the fuel lines on my 261. The lines are 3/8" OMC or equivalent black rubber (Vinyl or similar material) which run under the deck through small PVC tubing from the fuel cell compartment to the bilge area. Note that the original gas line is the 3/8" ID but with a thicker wall. I bought that material but was unable to get it through the PVC so I replaced it with the normal gas line size which runs from the filter to the engines. Mechanics tell me to check this tubing more often in that the thinner walls may wear out sooner.

        Regarding the shutoff valves -- mine are screwed into the top of the pick-up tubes (at a right angle). If once you remove the gas lines you should be able to unscrew the pick up tube(s) remove and replace the shutoffs an then replace the pickups.. Be sure to use Teflon tape on th valve threads and on the threaded portion of the pickup tubes as a sealant. Not a real difficult job -- good luck!
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