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Mako 181 1993 w 115 Johnson - YOUR EXPERIENCES?

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  • Mako 181 1993 w 115 Johnson - YOUR EXPERIENCES?

    Looking at buying one of these Flats models (quickly). 1993 model in the $10K range. Wanted to know a bit of the history about the model, why Mako got out of that market, any peculiar aspect to these boats to watch for, etc. It looks well kept and appears to be well built but want to get a heads up on "gremlins" that may exist.

    Have not seen much on the 181 Flats in the Forum - is this model considered as something less than Mako pedigree or should I attribute that to scarcity?

    Thanks - would appreciate feedback.


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    I believe i have a friend with one of those for sale inHouston try jack @ stone and son 713-686-9997 the boat is in great shape
    Jeffrey George[br]Houston,Texas


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      What I heard about the Mako flats boat was that it was costing too much to make - at least the earlier ones - due to all the hatches. I've seen pics of an ealier 80's 18 footer (might be able to search the forum for the pics) and it had a lot of hatches. does this one? I live in Corpus , by the way.
      Corpuscruiser[br]Northern AL[br]\'94 171


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        morning Doug Heard you and jack went for a test ride the important thing is what do you think of that boat. I know jack put all new switch panels,wirering,lights etc. on that boat & trailer plus other extras if you by it you can feel safe that it wont need any work for a long time unless you hurt it. Ive kown Jack 20 years he does nothing half a$$ plus he used this boat himself.It is a great boat for flats fly fishing you wont be disapointed[:x)][8D]
        Jeffrey George[br]Houston,Texas


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          Yep, we took a nice ride. He sold me on the boat. It handles great, gets out of the hole well, beaucoup deck space...and it is a 1993....which gives me a little heartache. However, as you mentioned, he has done excellent maintenance work and has taken care of the equipment.

          I agree that Jack takes great care of everything he has (shop, home, vehicles, boats) - in fact it is so reassuring that regardless of what boat I buy, it will have an Evinrude. Finding a mechanic you can trust is like finding a trustworthy doctor - hang on to 'em!

          Thanks for your feedback.