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4lb foam vs 2lb foam

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  • 4lb foam vs 2lb foam

    I was just curious ,does any one know the actual Advantage of 4lb vs 2lb foam.I realize the density difference,but what are the specifics advantages other than costs?
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    This is just my openion, 4lb is more dence, so water will not penetrate near as easy as 2lb. We have all seen water saturated foam.[xx(]

    It only goes 1/2 as far as 2lb for the same quanity. It is recommended for foaming in tank's.


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      more floatation per SQ. Ft.
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        Quite simply put, it is a simple rule of physics. The more mass density of a product, the greater the intended displacement. Warthog, you and Wilson are on the money with your advice.
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          Pysics isn't simple, at least not for my science poor brain[]
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            vbmako17, ive got a 2 gal kit of the foam, can says it makes 8 square feet.

            it yours for cost( CHEAP)

            gimme a call at 757 652 3886

            im at the beach

            dan davis [br] va beach, va


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              A cuft of water weigh's 62lb. A cuft of 2lb density will support 60lb's of floation.

              A cuft of 4lb density will support 58lbs of flotation. The 4lb density will resist at least twice the water intrusion that the 2lb density will and if used for renforcing the boat will be twice as strong.


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                Just a tiny addition, the density of saltwater is 64lbs/cu ft. And in case you are interested in figuring out how much foam it will take to float your boat, the density of fiberglass is something like 125lbs/cu ft.
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                  What about 'closed cell foam'. I use contact cement lining my canoe bottom with this stuff..for my knees, plus some's about a 2" thick sheet, grey, ....

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                    I've found some foam thats even more dense,6lb,8lb'10lb.At what point is it overkill or a disadvantage if at all ? And would it be even better with any thing higher than 4lb? I'm refoaming the whole bow and the tank of a 17.

                    ReefKeeper,Whats up VB?Glad to hear from Ya! I'll take that foam off your hands. I'm at the beach as well.My tank should arrive any day now and Im so behind on everything.did you mean the can says 8 cubic feet? I'll call ya tommorrow.

                    Wilson, looking at your mako, I don't believe you have a science poor brain[;^)]
                    1980 Mako17 Standard, 115 Yamaha 2 stroke[br]1981 Mako224 200 johnson 2 stroke Virginia Beach,Va