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Mako 23 IO 1972 -- Thoughts please

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  • Mako 23 IO 1972 -- Thoughts please

    Hi all,

    Any thoughts on a 1972 23' I/O. I am not a big fan of the I/O for many reasons. There has been one on here (cuddy cc) awhile for sale and I wanted some thoughts on the 23' of that vintage.

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    I have a 1973 23' C/C with an I/O and really enjoy the boat. Wood, Wood everywhere. Be careful with the rails, the top foredeck and the floor. How old is the power plant and drive? Are ther any service records? By all means have a survey done to check the overall integrity of the boat. Or you can simply check the boat first with the old plastic hammer trick to see where water has done damage. Good Luck
    Hugs Tug [br]2007 SteigerCraft 23\' Miami W/ 225 Suzuki[br]Former 1973, 23 Mako C/C with I/O[br]Mattituck[br]Long Island N.Y.