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    I know I have to eventually come clean with you guys, you will find out sooner or later, so here it goes. My Dad raised me on power boats, was around them for years, loved em, but somewhere along the way I went to the "dark" side. Yes, sailboats, I owned nothing but sailboats for 20 years. Dad wore a bag over his head for years. Maybe it was the women, [?]I don't know. Recently my father finally brought me back to the light, and I bought a Mako 224. I feel alive again,[] but I realize I have forgotten so much. Only a couple question tonight. When adding fuel do you still add fuel until it starts to come out the vent, or is it done differently nowdays. Question #2 The 1985 224 came with a 3 year old Yamaha 2 stroke, is that enough engine. I had to buy the boat from a distance, and was unable to do any running of the boat. I know that sounds stupid. It sounds that way as I write, but never the less, I hear about 200 Hp. single engines, to big twin engine set-ups. What are your thoughts. Thanks Don
    Don Flowers[br]Port Lavaca, Tx.[br]Mako 224 1985 \"Godspeed\"[br]Yamaha 175

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    The Mako 224 is probably my favorite boat that Mako ever built. Its a great boat. As for fueling up... thats what I do. When the gas spews out the vent I'm full. Sure its not the best thing for the enviornment, but I never gas up on the water anyway.

    Your boat is underpowered with a 175 hp. I have the little brother to the Mako 224... the Mako 21B. My boat was underpowered with a Yamaha 200. I put a Merc 225 EFI ln her and she is just right... a 250 would be perfect. In my opinion all boats should have max power. I can't think of any reason NOT to have max power.

    If I were to repower your boat... I'd look real hard at the E-tec, Optimax, and the Suzuki 225 and 250 motors.

    Prop Blast has a Mako 224 as well and he'll be along anytime now to share his thoughts on his beloved boat.

    Sailboats confuse me... I just can't comprehend how you can get home if the wind is blowing against you. I like to go fast anyway, so I stay away from sailboats.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      I too had a blow boat for a while and may have another one day Catalina 30.....Winnabago on the water. They have there place. Not for folks on time lines. Go boating on a power boat and first question is , where we going? on a sail go ain't going no where....not very fast anyway. Max hull speed on a Catalina 30 is 8 Knots.


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        Welcome back from the Darkside, although if fuel prices continue to climb I might consider a single mast and sail for my 21 Mako.[:x)]

        Before you make any motor choices get out on the water with your new to you 224 and see it that 175 meets your needs. If your used to a quiet slower kind of cruising you might be fine. I bet that boat will top out at 30 mph or better. The cost of a newer or larger power plant may not be justified at this point. A three year old yamaha is still a reliable engine and could still have some warrenty left if you check into it. All just another mans opinion. dave
        [br]1994 Mako 215 Dual console Optimax 225[br]1978 Mako 19 with 90hp johnson[br]1996 Mako 22[br]1982 Mako 171 Angler 135 Black Max Mercury[br]1987 21b 225 Yamaha[br]1974 23 inboard Gusto gone.[br]1979m21 225johnson \"blue dolphin\" bought off this board and restored [br]with everyone\'s help!!Gone but not Forgotten....[br]1979 20 Mako 115 Suzuki gone[br]1977 19 Mako 115 Johnson gone[br]1976 23 Mako twin 140 Johnsons gone[br]1983 224 with closed transom and bracket[br]And 162 SOB (some other boats)[br]Venice Florida, Traverse city Mi.


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          I would have to agree with Ring, I own a 224 and I feel that my 200hp isn't quite enough.

          But, my 200 hp motor is over 20 yrs. old and may not be producing anymore power than that 175. So, I guess I would also agree with Dave. Take it for a ride and see how it feels.

          Either way it's still faster than a blowboat.[]

          As far as fueling, I always fuel on the water. I try to never fill to the vent. When it goes down past the half tank mark on the gauge I only put 50 gallons in. So I am almost never full.
          1982 224 w/200 \'Rude[br]Andover, CT