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    I need help...again.

    I am looking for replacement hatche for my bow anchor box. I need a plastic or glass one.

    Has anyone found a GOOD ONE[!] that will fit?

    She is a 213

    Thanks Brian
    Brian Dunwell[br]Houston, TX[br]1982 Mako 213 \"Makover\"

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    Dunwell, if all else fails and you are pretty handy with woodworking. make one customer yourself out of starboard. It's not that hard. A table saw, jig saw, and router will make very quick work out of it.
    Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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      I can't believe that nobody has found a hatch that fits??????

      The problem with trying to make them is that nothing sticks to starboard and it is almost impossible to make it perfect. Without fusing the plastic. I am used to making cabinets...but this ain't wood[B)]
      Brian Dunwell[br]Houston, TX[br]1982 Mako 213 \"Makover\"


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        with starboard, you just bolt everything together. the trim to the boat, the hatch itself either hinges to the trim or has that "lift out" thing with a latch on the trim to hold it in place.

        someone should be able to provide a pic of a starboard one.

        bet if you look through the threads, you'll run across several pics.

        here's a link to a place that will sell you the pieces to make your own louvered door/hatch cover.

        you may have to past that whole address into your browser to get it to work.

        seems to me there were a couple of other places to buy the pieces but i don't see them in my list of boat stuff.

        i've never seen the assembled hatches for sale but that doesn't mean they aren't around somewhere.
        \'79 20\'[br]savannah