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  • tabs-transducer

    After I install my 18 x 12 trim tabs I will have to move my transom mount transducer to accomodate. I have twin 150's so moving the transducer on the inside of the tab is out of the question due to interferance from the motor. The tabwill be approx. 4" from the outside of the chine and it seems that the chine is the only place to put the transducer. Will the transducer, if placed here do OK? That location is out from where they are normally placed and I am concerned that I won't get a good reading. Any thoughts on this?


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    You may have a bite of a problem with air traveling down the hull, being that your mounting the transducer close to the outside of the hull. Is there any way that you maybe can mount it through hull? I have herd that some people have good luck with mounting their transducer to the inside hull using an epoxy thus getting away from drilling a hole through the bottom. You just need to be careful that you get a good airless seal. And that its not on a false bottom of course. I also read a procedure about doing this on the humminbird depth sounder site.
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      For twins, you need to mount the transducer in between the motors. In this location it won't interfere with the water flow over your props.
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        Anyone else mounted theirs between the motors????
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          From Raymarine installation guide, section 1.4:

          Transom Mount Transducer

          • Single drive boat - Refer to Figure 1-1 . If your boat has one propeller

          (outboard or inboard),mount the transducer about 18" (455

          mm) to the side of the boat’s centerline. To reduce any interference

          caused by air bubbles, choose the side on the down stroke of

          the propeller (usually the starboard side).

          • Twin drive boat - If your boat has twin propellers (outboard or

          inboard-outboard), mount the transducer between the drives near

          the centerline of the boat. If the boat will be operated at high

          speeds, the transducer may be mounted closer to the centerline of

          the hull.

          Here is a link to the whole thing (the forum code doesn't like the www.pdf on the end, so just cut and paste):

          If you don't put a transom mount transducer between the engines then it will cause cavitation and blow out the prop that it is closest to; particularly at times when you are turning the boat. You don't want it on the outer edge either since there will be far too much noise there. Get it as deep as possible and as close as possible to the center line of the hull as you can.

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            thank you all a bunch. you all have been and should continue to be a great help to me. I have and will continue to learn a lot from y'all experiences. Mine have just begun.
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